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The AISF runs a series of accreditation programs to benefit industry and quality outputs. The AISF is the regions peak surface finishing body that represents a diverse membership that includes powder coating, electroplating and anodising streams. At the insistence of the members and stakeholders, the applicators, powder and chemical manufacturers/ suppliers and other service providers associated with the powder coating industry formed a representative technical working group to oversee reforms and improvements to the parties participating through the value chain to the end user.

Currently there are 3 accreditation schemes administered by the AISF.

1. Qualicoat

Qualicoat is Australia’s only licensing and audit system for the entire powder coating process on architectural aluminium.

Qualicoat is an internationally recognised 3rd party accreditation scheme for Quality Assurance in powder coating and is audited by independent NATA approved auditors.

When dealing with a Qualicoat-approved aluminium powder coater, you have assurance the coating will comply with Australian and International Standards and the Building Code of Australia.

The Qualicoat process includes tested and approved pre-treatment chemicals, powders suitable for Australian conditions and confirms the technical competencies and workmanship of the licenced applicator.

Mission and Goals

Qualicoat’s mission is to provide best practice rules that result in consistent high quality coating on aluminium. To achieve this, Qualicoat is committed to:

  • establishing specifications for processes, products and tests
  • developing and improving these specifications
  • granting licenses to coating plants that apply for Qualicoat approval
  • testing and approving chemicals and coating products
  • monitoring the correct application of the specifications in licensed plants

For more information on Qualicoat, please visit the Qualicoat site here www.qualicoat.org.au

2. Accredited Powder Coater

Powder coating is a high performance protective and decorative coating that is applied on a wide range of substrates and for a multitude of purposes and as such the integrity of the application, finish and performance of the coating must meet the required and expected levels at all times.

The main Australian Standards that apply to powder coating finishes are:

  • AS3715 Thermoset Powder Coatings for Architectural Coatings
  • AS4506 Metal finishing Thermosetting Powder Coatings

To help meet these requirements the AISF has developed the Accredited Powder Coater (APC) program which is designed to provide guidance and measures that can be used to evaluate the business practices, process elements, equipment capabilities, employee competencies and quality control practices of an applicator to produce a high quality powder coated product with a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Certification as an AISF Accredited Powder Coater is by no means an assurance of the quality of the powder coated product that will be produced but it does verify that an applicator has the capabilities and competencies to produce a high quality powder coated product.

Only AISF Members are eligible to become an APC, subject to satisfying an independent audit to verify their compliance, and can then display the unique APC logo and APC registration number.

The Accredited Powder Coater symbol is the “Mark of a Professional” that confirms an accredited applicator’s credentials and helps differentiate from others that are not.

3. Accredited Anodiser

Coming Soon!

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