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The Australasian Institute of Surface Finishing is a not for profit member association. The purpose of our institute is to:

  • develop and disseminate knowledge of the arts and sciences of the finishing of metals, the deposition of metals, electroplating, coatings applied on surface treatment of metals and other surfaces, and allied arts.
  • develop a co-operative spirit of friendship and mutual assistance among members;
  • initiate and sustain research, hold meetings for the presentation and discussion of technical papers, develop, publish and distribute technical treatises and pursue other related activities;
  • assist members to develop relevant skills through training; 
  • influence industry and product sustainability; and
  • advocate to government and regulators on behalf of members.

By choosing to be part of a leading industry association you are committing your business to excellence and compliance within industry, and recognition by your peers as a key industry stakeholder.

AISF members have an ongoing commitment to strive for excellence which underpins our ability to provide superior goods and services that protect and beautify a diverse range of metallic substrates. Whether it is meeting the corrosion protection needs or the actual powder coating or industrial finish specified, our members customers can take comfort that compliance is one of the key performance drivers.

AISF membership serves as a fantastic opportunity to be part of a leading industry association and provides an enviable platform to be recognised as an industry leader amongst your peers Australia wide.

Please download our Membership information here:

  AISF Membership Information 2020

Your applicable application forms are below under the relevant membership information. 

Please note that all current and new members will need to apply for membership via the same process.

Industry membership application

Australasian Supplier

An AISF Australasian Supplier membership is available to companies whom have a national presence with offices/ plants in several states/ territories across the Australasian region, and supply products to the surface finishing industry.

Multi-site Applicator

A Multi-site Applicator member with the AISF is available to companies whom have multiple offices/ plants, in several states/ territories across the Australasia region.

Regional Supplier

A Regional Supplier membership is available to suppliers whom locally (within one state/ territory) provide products to the surface finishing industry.  Regional Suppliers hold one office/ plant within Australasia.

Single-site Applicator

A Single-site Application membership is available for applicators with a single office/ plant within Australasia.

Individual application

Individual membership is available for persons not eligible for for either an Applicator, Supplier or Student membership.  This includes, but is not limited to persons whom offer installation, design, engineering or purchase products from the surface finishing industry.  Individual memberships include Associate and Affiliate membership options.  These memberships are assessed by the Board of Directors and are offered on an individually assessed basis.

Download the application form and agreement for Industry membership here:

   Industry Membership Application form 2020

Student/ Trainee application

Student membership is available to persons currently completing studies or apprentices/ trainees within the surface finishing industry. Generally they are enrolled in tertiary or vocational studies at any level of university, accredited college or vocational technical institute, in either an engineering, technical or associated diploma degree or trade focused on the design or construction of buildings or building products related to the surface finishing industry.

Download the application form and agreement for Individual membership here:

Please return your completed form via email to: admin@aisf.org.au, once we receive your completed application forms we will raise a tax invoice and forward to you for payment of your membership fee along with all membership agreements.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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